Paid Media

We manage ad spends and obtain the best priced CPM (Cost Per Thousand) rates. We match your TV & Radio commercials to highly targeted audiences to best affect your cost per call and cost per acquisition goals. Our years of media buying have given us a deep understanding of local and national networks rates and performance metrics.

Remnant Media Buying

Access to over 100k a week in highly effective remnant inventory across our unwired national TV network with CPMs as low as $1.00.

TV & Radio Commercial Production

Help create highly effective 15 second, 30 second & 60/120 second TV and Radio commercials including script writing, production, green screen, talent and voice overs.

Pay Per Call

We have a 10 year old performance based TV/Radio advertising network that allows us to guarantee a cost per call. This helps us lower your overall cost per acquisition and is especially helpful when blended with cash media buys.

Why Radio?

The cost to produce a radio commercial is cheaper than a television commercial and the speed to completion is much faster. The general rule of thumb is radio advertising works best for higher priced ticket items. You typically can reach a more affluent audience on radio and it is more cost effective to target local media on radio than television. Find out if your product or service is right fit. Click here for a free consultation.

Why TV?

The cost to produce a TV commercial is more than radio but with RRM it is a lot cheaper than you think. Television advertising nationally is cost effective and works best for more generalized product or services that have mass appeal. The real trick to television advertising is having enough historical data to understand if your product or service is a right fit before you even begin. Our existing network relationships allow us too quickly and cost effectively test a new offer while limiting our client’s risk. We have in many cases reduced our clients cost per acquisition on existing campaigns. Our proprietary unwired remnant network can offset your existing cash media buys cost.

Find out if your product or service is right fit.
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