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We scale, optimize and reduce customer acquisition costs for our select clients.


We use proven historical data to design, structure and launch landing pages, TV commercials, Radio Commercials and websites. By testing multiple pages we can start to collect data such as, user interaction, heat maps, conversion rates, click through rates and more. Radio & TV commercials are tracked by unique 800#s, testing multiple creatives helps obtain the best response rate at the lowest cost per acquisition.


In order to optimize a campaign we analyze and measure click through rates, orders, sales, phone calls, leads generated, time of day conversions/clicks, conversion by creative and much more.


Once we match a proven creative to an advertising channel we begin to scale the campaign maximizing spend while maintaining or lowering cost per conversion. We repeat the process across all advertising channels until we have reached our clients desired monthly marketing budget.

Find out how we can scale your campaign by contacting us for a FREE Consultation.

What our customer say about us

The team at Rapid Response Marketing is attentive, diligent & honest in partnership. I have worked with RRM for ten years, and they are always willing to extend themselves to build business and to earn trust. I have high praise for the entire team and am very glad that we have generated a successful, long-term relationship.

Rapid Response Marketing is widely experienced in anything related to online advertising and marketing. Their range of experience is vast, and covers everything from optimizing campaigns to developing brands. Kevin De Vincenzi and his team provide innovative and creative solutions that work.

Laura Belzer

Since my start in the Affiliate Marketing world in 2005, I have worked with RRM and they have always been at the top of their game. Kevin and his team have made it a pleasure to work together in the past and far into the future

Lou DiFulvio

I have worked with Kevin at Rapid Response Marketing for close to a decade now. We have exchanged millions of dollars running each-others offers and Kevin and his crew are some of the most top notch trustworthy people in the business.

Tim Burd

I’ve known Kevin and the team for years. Great association and have had only position experiences with the whole team. Great work!

Gary Hall

I have been working with Rapid Response Marketing for over 4 years now. From my experience, I have really enjoyed working with Kevin and the rest of the team. Most of the things I truly value about this network is the dependability, quick responsive affiliate managers, quick technical help, very good tracking, no annoying affiliate managers forcing offers at you.

Anthony Navarini

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